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Overseer Gary Jackson is a remarkable individual with a diverse range of experiences and achievements. Let us summarize some key points about him:

Spiritual Journey: Gary’s faith is more than a belief; it is a profound influence that shapes his character and approach to life. Rooted in his relationship with God, his values of compassion, integrity, and humility serve as cornerstones in both personal and professional contexts. This deep-seated faith has enabled him to navigate challenges with resilience and foster a sense of purpose and fulfillment in all that he does.

Personal Life: Gary Jackson, a proud native of Youngstown, Ohio, is a steadfast individual with a deep-rooted connection to his community. For more than 33 years, he has found joy and strength in a harmonious partnership with Pastor Gina Jackson, a testament to his commitment to enduring relationships. Together, they have nurtured a loving family, raising four children with a foundation of shared values, compassion, and mutual support.

Military Service: Sergeant Jackson is a distinguished veteran who proudly served in the U.S. Air Force, embodying unwavering dedication to his country, and upholding the core values of service and discipline. With a proven history of commitment and excellence, he exemplifies the ideals of teamwork, leadership, and integrity forged through military experience.

Accomplished Author: Gary Jackson is a distinguished #1 Best-Selling Contributing Author, recognized for his significant contribution to the impactful book “A Black Man’s Point of View.” Through his compelling insights and unique perspective, he has contributed to a work that fosters understanding and promotes meaningful dialogue on important societal issues. In addition to his literary achievements, Gary is also a published poet, highlighting his creative expression and ability to capture emotions and experiences through the written word. His poetry publication is a testament to his versatility as a writer and his capacity to evoke thought-provoking sentiments.

Sports Achievements: Overseer Jackson was a former amateur national Golden Gloves boxing champion and a member of the U.S. Air Force boxing team. He coached year-round sports with the Boys Club of America-McAlester, Oklahoma.

Education: He attended Calvary Cathedral Bible College in Fort Worth, Texas. He holds an Honorary Doctorate from Kingdom Empowerment Leadership Academy. He holds a mental health coaching certificate from Light University and received ministry training from the School of Prophets under Chuck Pierce. With a distinguished academic background from Dallas College in Dallas, Texas, Overseer Jackson holds a comprehensive understanding of global commerce strategies and practices gained through their enrollment in the esteemed International Business Import-Export program. Fort Worth Citizens Police Academy (CPA).

Community Ministry Outreach: Overseer Jackson is enthusiastic and dedicated to local Community outreach with a strong commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and families. Highly engaged in a diverse range of local outreach initiatives, including active participation in the Ministers Against Crime (MAC) program with the Fort Worth Police. Prison Ministry, Mental Health Coach on the Gloo mental health online platform, Homeless Shelter Outreach as well as engaging with the homeless through the Fort Worth Police HOPE Division, he is a team ministry member of “A New Vision” Transitional Home Outreach. Additionally, his involvement extends to compassionate Nursing Home Outreach, where he along with his team aims to bring comfort and companionship to the elderly. He collaborates with like-minded individuals to create opportunities that empower and uplift the community.

Pastoral and Chaplain Roles: He is a seasoned ordained Pastor and chaplain with The Mission Church International (TMCI) in Columbia, South Carolina. He continues to lead with unwavering faith and a compassionate heart with a steadfast commitment to helping individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Global Outreach: Experienced and visionary Overseer Jackson, entrusted with the dynamic oversight of foreign ministries, brings his impactful leadership to Well of Hope Fellowship International, headquartered in Wills Point, Texas. With a profound dedication to extending the reach of faith and compassion, He spearheads international initiatives that transcend borders and cultures. Drawing upon a rich tapestry of affiliations with organizations and ministries across Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Korea, and the Bahamas, He actively collaborates to facilitate meaningful connections and profound transformations. Through strategic partnerships, He fosters cross-cultural understanding, cultivates spiritual growth, and promotes sustainable development initiatives.

Ministry Founder: As a visionary co-founder and resolute Director of Fire and Life International Ministries, located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas, USA, he exemplifies a profound commitment to transformative global outreach. Through his strategic leadership, the nonprofit corporation has established itself as a catalyst for positive change, reaching individuals and communities around the world with impactful initiatives.

Broadcasting: Overseer Jackson is a dynamic and influential media personality, making a significant impact through his roles as both a co-host and host on prominent radio and television broadcasts. As a co-host of the thought-provoking “Am I Worth the Time” radio broadcast on the esteemed Fishbowl Radio network, he contributes to empowering conversations that delve into matters of self-worth and personal development. Furthermore, as the resolute Host of “Fire and Life Talk,” his influence extends across various multimedia platforms including e360tv Broadcast, Faithlife TV, YouTube, Facebook, and other online channels. Through this engaging and enlightening program, Overseer Jackson curates and facilitates discussions that resonate deeply, inspiring listeners and viewers to embark on journeys of personal growth and transformation.

Missionary Call: Fueled by a divine calling, he and his wife have embraced a profound missionary purpose to illuminate the world with the gospel message and fulfill the mandate of Matthew 28:19-20. Their unwavering commitment to making disciples of all nations serves as a beacon of light, guiding their journey of faith-driven service.

Overseer Gary Jackson’s life is a testament to his commitment to faith, service, and making a positive impact in the lives of others through ministry and outreach efforts.

Gina Jackson is a dedicated and ordained Pastor through “The Mission Church International” (TMCI) as well as “Well of Hope International” and stands as a Pastor and Director of Fire and Life International Ministries and co-host of the “Fire and Life Talk” Show. Hailing from McAlester, Oklahoma, she embarked on her spiritual journey at an early age, accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior and undergoing baptism at the tender age of 7. As the devoted spouse of Overseer Gary Jackson and a nurturing mother to four children, Pastor Gina is cherished within her community for her nurturing spirit, humble nature, and dynamic teaching skills.

Originally beginning her career in finance with the Boy Scouts of America, she soon felt a calling to contribute to the lives of children through ministry. Her passion led her to pursue a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Education/Psychology, from both Southeastern Oklahoma University and the University of Tulsa.

With an impressive 15-year track record as a Special Education Instructor, Pastor Gina possesses a robust skill set in diverse areas including the Texas Behavior Support Initiative, Autism Inclusion, Assessment/Data Support, and Nonverbal support. Her concentration has primarily centered on Pre-K to Elementary level instruction.

Guided by her belief in the transformative power of God’s love, Pastor Gina is deeply involved in Children’s Ministry and fervent Intercessory prayer. She centers her ministry on the teachings of “I Corinthians 13:4-8,” recognizing the profound impact of love in reaching and uplifting people.

Continuing to uphold her divine purpose, Pastor Gina works tirelessly to support and contribute to the growth of God’s kingdom, alongside her husband, through unwavering commitment and God’s grace.

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